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Tri-pak T-600 Series Compactor

Printable specifications sheet (PDF)

This Equipment is CSA Approved and Conforms to all Current ANSI Z245.2 Safety Standards

In order to provide the most currently engineered and designed equipment, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. This brochure is intended to provide information only, and should not be used in an arbitrary manner to judge equipment for any particular purpose.

Standard Features

T600 photo
  • CSA Approved Design
  • Heavy duty oil-tight pushbutton controls
  • Key lockable start pushbutton
  • Automatic multi-cycle operation
  • PLC controlled system
  • Full-container light

Optional Equipment

T600 photo
  • Advance-warning light
  • Fluid-filled pressure gauge
  • Oil heater
  • Odour control system
  • Open hopper (for top or loading dock)
  • Fully enclosed hopper with door
  • Through the wall installation kits
  • Walk-on or drive-on decks
  • Safety gate
  • Hydraulic cart-dump systems

Mechanical Specifications

Charge Chamber Volume6.
Charge Chamber Opening Size96" x 78"96" x 78"96" x 78"96" x 78"
Ram Face Size36" x 60"36" x 60"36" x 60"36" x 60"
Ram Penetration24"24"24"24"
Compaction Force Normal56,500 lbs76,930 lbs113,000 lbs63,585 lbs
Compaction Force Maximum62,172 lbs88,470 lbs124,344 lbs69,945 lbs
Cycle Time63 seconds73 seconds63 seconds63 seconds
System Pressure Normal2000 psi2000 psi2000 psi2000 psi
System Pressure Maximum2200 psi2200 psi2200 psi2200 psi
Pump Capacity20 gpm25 gpm30 gpm20 gpm
Motor Size30 hp30 hp40 hp30 hp
Cylinder Size1 x 6" dia.1 x 7" dia.2 x 6" dia.2 x 5" dia.
Cylinder TypeDouble ActingDouble ActingDouble ActingDouble Acting
Ram Face Pressure Normal20.1 psi27.4 psi40.2 psi22.6 psi
Ram Face Pressure Maximum22.1 psi31.5 psi44.3 psi24.9 psi
Oil Tank Capacity75 gal75 gal200 gal75 gal
Shipping Weight (Head only)11,850 lbs13,050 lbs15,950 lbs11,850 lbs

Electrical Specifications

Control System110 volt 60 cycle powered by step-down transformer
Control PanelFully wired. Keyed start button, emergency stop, full lights, reset button, PLC, current sensor
Power208/230/575 Volt, 3 Phase 60 Cycle


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