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Ford of Canada Essex Engine Plant (Windsor, Ontario)

Completion date: July 2005

Project description: design, fabricate and install two new 15 cubic yard stationary compactor systems.

Challenges overcome:

  1. The systems had to accommodate the client's existing fleet of 3 cubic yard, towable containers.
  2. A new hydraulic tipper design had to be created that was able to overcome the design issues that had plagued the existing tippers.
  3. Special container away systems had to be designed that would not permit the compactors to function when the containers were not in place.
  4. Both systems had to meet all of the Ford electrical and hydraulic specifications. No exceptions were permitted.
  5. Safety systems had to be designed that would meet the Z432-04 guarding requirements as well as OSHA, ANSI and the MOL Reg. concerning equipment guarding and operator safety.