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High-rise residential compactors

High-Rise Residential Compactors are also known as High rise sorters or Tri sorters.

  • Each Reaction Distributing Inc. (R.D.I.) high rise sorting system meets and/or exceeds the requirements as stipulated by the local city and municipal authorities.
  • Every R.D.I. high rise sorting system or Tri sorter, enables sorting of the waste stream to be accomplished with a single chute system.
  • R.D.I. manufactures three basic sorting systems (left hand, right hand and the "T" layout) that are then specifically engineered to fit the space available.
  • A detailed set of approval drawings are issued for each high rise sorting system that we manufacture.
  • The R.D.I. high rise sorting systems use only state of the art components that are long lasting, very reliable and easy to service.
  • Through our ongoing R & D efforts we are constantly upgrading our high rise sorting systems designs in an effort to provide additional benefits to our clients and to meet the changes in the marketplace head on.