Reaction Distributing Inc. Office Building

Providing the solid waste handling equipment sector with a better solution

Company Profile

Reaction Distributing Inc. was established in 1993 with a mandate to provide the solid waste handling equipment sector with a “better solution”. We are the only equipment manufacturer in Canada that can supply whatever the job requires and therefore the only company that can truly meet the needs of equipment buyers.

In 1999 the acquisition of Tri-Pak Environmental Systems was finalized and since then the complete product line has been revamped and enhanced to included both residential high rise recycling systems and horizontal balers. Whether a buyer is looking for an apartment compactor, transfer station, wet waste compactor or a recycling baler; Reaction Distributing Inc. can provide exactly what is required.

All of our compactors and balers use state of the art components including PLC’s and current sensors. Reaction Distributing Inc. has emerged to become the leader in Canada through an on going product development program which has resulted in leading edge technology being incorporated into our entire product range. Each and every unit that we build is 100% CSA approved and meets all current ANSI and OSHA requirements. Our turnkey system approach to each project ensures that the equipment satisfies all of our clients’ needs. If you want the best then hire the best, Reaction Distributing.

Mission Statement

To assist our clients in their ongoing efforts to reduce their carbon foot print through the design, fabrication and installation of cost effective and fully integrated solid waste handling systems.