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RDI Live

Your secure on line compactor and baler service database.

Feature Benefit
24/7 access for all RDI clients
  • Easy access to information on each compactor and baler when you need it.
  • No waiting for faxes, emails or phone calls.
Current listing of all service and maintenance calls
  • All information is updated daily to ensure that you have access to the most up to date data possible.
  • Available data includes labour costs, parts and materials costs as well as a complete description of who requested the service and why.
  • A backup of all costs is maintained for future access for maintenance and capital cost budgeting purposes.
Current listing of all P.M. reports
  • Employee health and safety due diligence compliance is ensured.
  • Ministry of Labour compliance is ensured.
  • Insurance due diligence is ensured.
Current listing of all service estimates/quotes
  • No need to wait for quotes to be forwarded by email or fax.
  • A backup of all estimates is maintained for future access.
All data is stored by equipment location
  • Know immediately by model and location which compactors and balers are performing the best.
  • Know immediately which locations need equipment repaired or replaced.
Secure access (user name and password required)
  • All data is protected from "prying eyes".
  • Limit the amount of access to employees to match their need through our vertical access controls.
All data downloadable to MS Excel format
  • Data is easily downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet format where it can be customized to suit your individual needs.